Fiji spearheads climate action

December 3, 2023 7:39 am

Fiji's Chief Negotiator at COP28, Ambassador Amena Yauvoli [3rd from right] [Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

Fiji’s Chief Negotiator at COP28, Ambassador Amena Yauvoli has highlighted ongoing discussions on long-term climate finance.

He notes the collective quantified goal on climate finance and matters related to the Standing Committee on Finance.

Yauvoli expresses optimism about securing more pledges for funds like the Loss and Damage Fund and the Green Climate Fund by week’s end.

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Emphasizing Fiji’s active involvement in advanced talks on the Loss and Damage Fund, he underlined efforts to secure representation on the fund’s board for sound decision-making.

Yauvoli’s role as co-chair of a contact group with Switzerland focuses on establishing a transparent process for member states to agree on a new climate finance goal.

Highlighting the increased interest in COP 28 with over 90,000 participants, the ambassador stresses Fiji’s role in the new committee, benefiting not only Fiji but also other Small Island Developing States.

He stressed the importance of empowering Fiji’s young team for active participation in negotiations, considering it a critical investment for the long term.

Expressing gratitude for his appointment to co-chair the New Collective Quantified Goal on Climate Finance, Yauvoli sees it as recognition of Fiji’s involvement and the significance of SIDS in climate negotiations.

Fiji’s commitment at COP 28, he adds demonstrates dedication to leading climate action for a sustainable and resilient future not only for Fiji but also for vulnerable regions worldwide.