Fiji Airways staff lauded for exceptional results

May 9, 2024 4:31 pm

Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad has commended the hard work and dedication of the Fiji Airways staff that has resulted in a remarkable $132m profit before income tax for last year.

Addressing a gathering at the announcement event held in Nadi today, Prasad says that he cannot think of any other single entity in Fiji that single handedly contributes close to two billion dollars to the nation.

Prasad emphasizes the profound impact of the staff’s expertise and passion, highlighting that their contributions extend far beyond mere job duties, resonating as economic tremors.

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“The Revenue (Earnings) for the year 2023 of FJ$1.8 billion dollars is a direct injection into the economy. It triggers activity not just in the tourism sector, but right across the national economic landscape by way of salaries, the 3 purchases of goods and services, the payment of utilities, new investments and countless other daily transactions – all of which collectively fuel the engine of growth.”

Echoing Prasad’s sentiments, Fiji Airways CEO and Managing Director, Andre Viljoen, hails the unprecedented financial results as a testament to the collective effort of the entire workforce.

Viljoen says these figures are nothing short of absolutely remarkable, something that many would have thought impossible for the small airline like Fiji Airways.

He stresses the indispensable role played by every member of the Fiji Airways team in propelling the airline to its current position of success.

“Let it be no doubt, very few airlines of our size could have achieved what I’m going to announce shortly. Many are still struggling to get back on their feet and many have failed. Our grit, our tenacity that I often talk about, that ability to punch above our weight is the cornerstone of our team.”

Some highlights during the announcement included cash receipts from operations was $1.9 billion which was up by 58%, Debt – $100 million repaid, seat capacity available/offered was 2.8 million up by 47% and equity restored to $265.7 million, amounting to 50% of pre-pandemic levels.

The airline flew 26,586 international, regional and domestic flights representing a growth of 40 percent from 2022.