FDB and New Zealand collaborate for women entrepreneurs

February 3, 2024 6:27 am

The Fiji Development Bank has collaborated with New Zealand to conduct a month-long awareness and educational program for women entrepreneurs throughout this month.

FDB Chief Executive Saud Minam stated that they will highlight and promote their ‘Loan for Women Entrepreneurs’ product through increased outreach programs.

Minam expresses excitement about assisting women entrepreneurs in gaining easier access to financial solutions for launching and operating their businesses, providing them education through Digital Financial Literacy programs.

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He mentions that as of November last year, FDB had approved more than 1,000 loans dedicated to supporting women-owned business ventures.

New Zealand High Commissioner Charlotte Darlow states that supporting female entrepreneurship in Fiji has substantial positive effects on livelihoods, economic development, and social empowerment at both the community and national levels.

She expresses delight in partnering with the Fiji Development Bank on this important initiative.