Expiry dates to curb double-dipping in welfare programs

January 12, 2024 12:32 pm

The Ministry of Social Protection is considering introducing expiration dates for their social welfare programs.

This follows concerns regarding instances of double-dipping by certain recipients.

Minister Lynda Tabuya states that as part of their efforts to digitize the database, they will be actively monitoring and removing individuals from the programs who have secured employment.

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Social Protection Minister Lynda Tabuya

Emphasizing transparency and honesty, Tabuya urges recipients to voluntarily disclose if they have found employment.

“But this is one of the improvements that we need to see in our system: that we put an expiration date for those that are on the system, that is able-bodied men and women because if we do not do that, we will never be able to track where they are because if they’ve gotten employment, they should be off the system.”

Tabuya highlights that the introduction of an expiry date will serve as a mechanism to prompt the Ministry to follow up on the employment status of recipients.

She adds that this initiative reflects the Ministry’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of their social welfare programs and ensuring that assistance is directed towards those who genuinely require it.