Students excel academically despite hurdles

May 10, 2024 6:57 am

The Education Ministry reveals that despite the disparity in resources between rural, maritime, and urban schools, students have excelled academically.

Minister Aseri Radrodro says Eastern District schools had the highest percentage pass rate in the last year’s external examinations.

He adds that Year 8 recorded 72% and Year 12 recorded a 79% pass rate, while Ba and Tavua District had a 94% pass rate in the Year 13 level.

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Radrodro acknowledges the fact that the remoteness and lack of facilities or limited access to the internet remain a challenge and assures the Ministry’s support to ensure these schools are provided with essential resources.

“Teachers’ commitment towards all spheres of education, from the sports field to education at the end of any academic year, is still paramount and crucial.”

Radrodro reiterates the Education Ministry’s role in preparing students with the right knowledge, skills, and capacity for the future of the workforce in Fiji.