MoE to undergo changes

January 6, 2023 4:20 pm

Minister for Education Aseri Radrodro

Minister for Education Aseri Radrodro says a lot more changes are expected to happen, and it may be daunting to some.

Speaking at the official welcome ceremony in Suva today, he stated that as a solid team, they will work together in mutual respect and harmony to ensure the coalition government’s vision is realized.

The Minister also highlighted that there will be zero tolerance for sexual abuse or exploitation of students, and anyone found guilty will be dealt with accordingly.

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“So I urge you  less grog swiping , during the school week. And we will be doing a marvelous job. I want us to know that sexual-related offenses by teachers will continue to be one of the most serious offenses, any civil servant commits. If we have problems, we make a good judgment call and brief whether we need to be in an environment where vulnerable children will be.”

Radrodro also urged his staff to work fearlessly and ensure they deliver their best.

He also highlights that they will be conducting a national educational summit.