Qereqeretabua's modesty constantly questioned says witness

February 22, 2024 4:34 pm

Prosecution witness Dylan Kava revealed in court today that the modesty of Member of Parliament Lenora Qereqeretabua was constantly questioned.

Kava takes the witness stand today in the matter against Kishore Kumar who is charged with six counts of indecently annoying a person and one count of criminal intimidation.

It is alleged that he insulted the modesty of Qereqeretabua by posting live videos on his public Facebook page, namely ‘Kishore Kumar Publication’, claiming that Qereqeretabua is a porn star in Fiji.

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Prosecution Witness Dylan Kava informed the court that he had previously served as a communication officer for the National Federation Party, and it was in 2020 when allegations regarding a video involving Qereqeretabua first emerged.

Kava stated that initially, the MP instructed them not to address the allegations, but the situation worsened over time.

He recounted that while he was in the United States, Qereqeretabua, now Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs, reached out to him to assist in filing a complaint.

Kava revealed that discussions about the video frequently arose during meetings adding that even Qereqeretabua’s parents expressed concern and posed questions regarding the matter.

The witness explained that they explored various avenues to combat the spread of misinformation, including contacting the Online Safety Commission to remove the content. Kava emphasized that the incident had a significant impact on the victim’s reputation.

Although Qereqeretabua attempted to remain resilient, Kava noted that those around her, including himself, could discern the burden it placed upon her. He added that they made efforts not to constantly bring up the issue around her.

The trial will resume on Monday.

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