Pastor sentenced to two years

March 18, 2024 4:26 pm

Lautoka High Court

The Lautoka High Court has issued a permanent non-molestation order against a Pastor who stabbed his de facto partner repeatedly with scissors.

Moape Katirewa has also been sentenced to two years, six months and 15 days imprisonment.

The incident took place on September 30th last year in Ra.

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According to the facts of the case, Katirewa had gone to his farm and when he returned home at around lunchtime, he found that his partner had not prepared lunch.

The 40-year-old then instructed her to go to the shop and buy a tin of fish and prepare lunch. His partner went to the shop and did not return until 7 pm that evening.

Katirewa was angry and then questioned her. The victim informed him that she had gone to visit some of her family members who reside around the area.

When he heard this, he asked why she had spent time at her relatives’ home instead of coming back to prepare his lunch.

During this conversation, Katirewa’s partner was at the fireplace cooking and out of anger and frustration, he started swearing at her.

In his state of anger, Katirewa picked up a pair of scissors and attacked his partner by stabbing her three times.

The victim ran outside the house but he attacked her while his children watched.

He was convicted of one count of acting with intent to cause grievous harm after he pleaded guilty to the charge.

The mitigation submitted by Katirewa’s lawyer stated that he is a first offender, a Pastor and also a farmer who cooperated with police during the investigation, entered an early guilty plea, acknowledged his wrongdoing and takes responsibility for his actions, promising not to reoffend.

While delivering his judgment, High Court judge Justice Sunil Sharma stated that considering the circumstances of the offense and the use of scissors on a defenseless victim in the presence of children calls for an immediate custodial sentence.

However, he adds that it cannot be ignored that it was the attitude and behavior of the victim which had led to the frustration and anger of the offender.

Justice Sharma said this does not mean that assault is to be condoned.

Katirewa will be eligible for parole after serving two years in prison.