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FCCC charges traders $30k for non-compliance

December 20, 2018 5:02 pm
FCCC Chief Executive, Joel Abraham [insert]

In a span of two weeks the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission has charged three traders a total of thirty thousand dollars for non-compliance.

These traders include Rups Investment Limited, Kasabia’s Limited and Tranx Service Limited.

FCCC Chief Executive, Joel Abraham says these traders failed to mark prices for display items and sold goods at an excessive price.

Abraham says they are cracking down on traders who are taking advantage of the government’s HOMES care initiative.

Rups Investment Limited in Ba town is convicted of failing to display prices of several items.

Kasabia’s Limited in Lautoka displayed prices of a floor tile at 90cents per tile but charged $1.25 per tile at the point of sale.

The company also displayed a price of $2.90 per tile and charged $3.30 at the cashier – both these offenses were against a recipient of the HOMES care initiative.

Kababia’s Limited is also convicted of false and misleading representation.

Ba’s Tranx Service Limited sold controlled items at an excessive price and failed to display prices on certain price control items.

The no-nonsense consumer protection agency says they want to ensure that Fijians can spend their money without being duped.

_“As we in the festive season, people will be out in numbers doing their shopping and we expect traders will not try and take advantage of this busy period and not violate the FCCC act – if you do we will come down hard on you and we will ensure you are taken to task.”_

The FCCC is also calling on consumers to be responsible while shopping and report any incidents of non-compliance.