Council resumes garbage collection

May 27, 2024 6:04 am

Local Government Minister Maciu Nalumisa has announced that the Nasinu Town Council will take over garbage collection services from Suva City Council starting August.

He says this decision follows the ending of a 2020 agreement where Suva City Council managed waste collection in Nasinu due to past issues faced by residents and ratepayers.

The agreement involved the use of five garbage trucks and three open trucks owned by Nasinu Town Council but operated by Suva City Council which also engaged 25 staff for the task.

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Nalumisa states with the agreement set to expire in July, the Nasinu Town Council will resume responsibility for waste collection within its boundaries.

Nasinu is a large area with 11,252 rateable properties, 17 formal settlements and 1,317 households, totaling 12,569 properties and serving a population of around 65,000 across seven wards.

The Minister expressed confidence in the special administrators to develop new strategies for improved waste management.

Government MP Lenora Qereqeretabua had also questioned the responsibilities of municipal councils in waste collection.

Nalumisa clarified that since 2018, all 13 municipal councils have been responsible for collecting kitchen waste from extended boundaries previously managed by rural local authorities.

This year, he stated that the government granted $2.25 million to support councils struggling with the costs of hard and green waste collection.

Nalumisa adds that government will continue subsidizing waste collection costs to ensure municipalities can cover these services in their respective areas.

Municipal councils like Nausori, Lami and Savusavu Town Council have already extended their services to nearby areas such as Korovou, Lami and Nabouwalu.