Changes made to improve the system: Narayan

March 14, 2023 3:21 pm

[Source: File]

Sugarcane farmers in the North have been urged to work hand in hand with the Fiji Sugar Corporation.

Farmers have raised concerns regarding the FSC lorry drivers allegedly misusing the vehicle by utilizing it for their own personal gain

The Farmers claim that this disrupted the cane collection routine and drivers of lorry and rail carts wouldn’t arrive on scheduled time.

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FSC’s manager harvesting and transport officer Rajnesh Narayan says they have made changes to improve the system.

“For the last several years we had only one field officer for Daku and Wainikoro sector, so there was a lot of work. This year we have two field officers one for Daku and Ritesh will be field officer for Wainikoro. So now we expect some improvement in that area and better management.”

Narayan says they have also appointed a new transport logistics officer and work towards improving services.