Calls for proper process in employee migration

March 5, 2024 7:09 am

[ Source : Pleass Global Limited ]

The multi-million dollar water bottling company, Pleass Global Limited, is the latest to express concern about the exodus of workers.

Managing Director Warwick Pleass raised this concern during a recent Talanoa session, where he highlighted the challenges faced by employers when workers do not follow proper procedures before accepting overseas offers.

Pleass is urging the government to explore solutions to this issue.

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Warwick Pleass emphasized the importance of implementing mitigating measures to address this issue.

“Why can’t Fiji put a measure in place that someone can’t migrate until they’ve proven to the satisfaction of the minister or his representative that they’ve given adequate notice to their employer under their contract, served their notice, and allowed the employer to replace them and train somebody else under the contract?”

Please stress that employers are affected by this current trend when they are fulfilling their terms of contract but the employees does not.

Echoing similar sentiments, Employment Minister Agni Deo Singh assured that the government would give serious consideration to these concerns.

“What you ask is definitely a genuine one. I mean, every employment contract has a notice period, and that should be respected by both parties. And I believe there is food for thought on how we can work on that. And I assure you, we will be looking into that.”

Pleass Global’s approach aims to provide employers with ample assistance during the transition phase, including hiring replacements and facilitating the training process, to minimize disruptions to workflow.