Bridging the care cap for Cancer patients

February 4, 2024 6:37 am

The imperative task of bridging the care gap takes centre stage in fostering a conducive and healthier environment for the recovery journey of cancer patients.

Fiji Cancer Society Chief Executive Belinda Chan emphasized this during the World Cancer Day Walkathon held in Suva this yesterday to mark World Cancer Day.

Chan stressed that overcoming such barriers is not insurmountable, emphasizing that closing the gap involves addressing the patients’ needs promptly with the appropriate interventions.

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She also stressed the necessity of providing essential support to the patients.

“It also means providing the physical, mental, spiritual and economic support not only to patients but also to those providing the care that they need.”

Chan is also urging leaders to unite and lend their support to those battling cancer.

Head of Wellness at the Ministry of Health and Medical Services Devina Nand noted that World Cancer Day sheds crucial light on the disease.

“The World Cancer Day is celebrated across the globe on the 4th of February what it does is that it brings visibility to the disease and by bringing visibility to the Disease it brings visibility to the interventions we can have across the globe to stop cancer to prevent cancer, i mean that is the goal standards we don’t want to see anyone in the nation to have cancer.”

The Fiji Cancer Society is calling on the nation to take proactive steps to lead a healthy lifestyle. this event is celebrated annually to create awareness and provide support for cancer survivor, and their families and friends.