Australian Coles find has Fiji on alert

March 6, 2024 4:40 pm

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission aims to initiate a thorough investigation into the importation of Coles products, specifically kidney beans.

This follows concerns raised by an Australian consumer who is being reported by Australian media to have found what appears to be a dead rat in one of Coles’ canned kidney bean products.

Coles, an Australian brand, also distributes its products in some supermarkets across Fiji.

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FCCC Chief Executive, Joel Abraham says that the FCCC is collaborating closely with local and international partners to scrutinize sourcing processes, ensuring imported products meet required standards.

“I think the message is clear that the FCCC is dedicated to maintain fair and competitive market and safeguarding consumer interest as well as ensuring products, especially food items they meet the highest standard of quality.”

Abraham is urging Fijians to remain vigilant and report any instances of substandard products.

“We do not want Fijians to be exposed to substandard goods and the work that the Food Safety Taskforce is doing is going to be essential especially for the legislative angle to ensure that such incidence are picked up quickly.”

Abraham emphasizes the importance of the ongoing work by the Food Safety Taskforce, especially from a legislative perspective, to swiftly address such incidents.

While there have been no reports of similar incidents in Fiji, Abraham reveals that they are awaiting a preliminary report on the matter.

He adds FCCC plans to correspond with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to obtain further information on product sourcing.

A Coles spokesperson told Australian media that it was investigating the incident adding that food safety is paramount at Coles.

There was also another similar incident involving a Australian customer in December last year.

The customer shared a video on TikTok of what they claimed was a baby rat they had discovered in a Coles brand of chickpeas.