Alleged misuse of funds in some provincial councils

February 21, 2023 12:52 pm

Ministry of i-Taukei Affairs, Ifereimi Vasu.

Allegations of corruption and misuse of funds within the business arms of provincial councils are a major concern for the Ministry of i-Taukei Affairs.

This is the latest spate of alleged corruption activities that have come to light with a monetary value yet to be confirmed.

Minister Ifereimi Vasu says this is one of the major focuses of his ministry, as most of these business arms are supported through the I-Taukei Trust Fund.

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“Yes, we have some concerns in a few provinces. “We might have to go and have a talk with them to find a way to solve the problems. They’ve been there for so long, I think we can solve them.”

Vasu says under the coalition government’s manifesto, the fund will only support provincial council business arms that have clean and transparent records.

“We want to help the provincial companies, but we can only help the provincial companies that are running properly, have audited their companies, and are giving out shares.”

The Minister says the fund is also willing to provide advice and support to provincial council business arms that are planning to establish an income-generating activity for their province.

This is because some councils still cannot differentiate between Vanua-based and commercial businesses.