992 rape perpetrators known to victims

March 10, 2023 6:46 am

Ninety-one percent of rape offenders over the past six years were known to the victims says Fiji Womens Crisis Center coordinator Shamima Ali.

Ali highlighted this while revealing the statistics on the number of cases recorded by FWCC since 2016.

She says in the six years they have seen 1031 rape survivors, 304 child rape survivors, 596 marital rape survivors.

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She says the age of the child rape survivors were between two to 17 years while marital rape survivors were between 18 and 72 years.

Ali adds that there were 1086 perpetrators and this trend hasn’t changed.

“From the 1031 survivors, the perpetrators are 1086, that’s also gang rape, more than one perpetrator on one person. Of that 992 perpetrators, 91 percent were known and this is the worrying trend, that most of the perpetrators are known to the survivors. “

Ali also says that while 64 percent perpetrators were related to the survivors, only 4 percent were strangers.