19 kids lose battle to cancer this year

December 5, 2023 12:54 pm

WOWS Kids Fiji has seen a significant improvement in survival rates over the years.

While receiving a cash donation of $16,200 from members of the Lautoka Golf Club, team leader Mere Williams shares that the survival rate for children fighting cancer has risen from 20% in the 80s to an encouraging 50% today.

Williams says they were looking after 77 children this year, however, 19 children succumbed to the killer disease.

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While acknowledging the generous donations, she also highlights the persistent need for continuous assistance in the battle against this life-threatening disease.

“On average in Fiji, we lose around 20 children in a year. We’ve since January till now we’ve lost 19 children altogether. And in terms of new cases, we diagnosed 20 to 30 new cases every year. We’ve already had 23 new cases.”

During the donation ceremony, Williams personally thanked Lautoka businessman Raymond Singh, who contributed a substantial $10,000 from his own collection.

She says the support of the business community is very important with the work they do because WOWS Kids Fiji rely heavily on donations.

Williams adds that most of their parents come from a poor background, so they pay for what’s not available in hospital, they cover for parents, and it takes off that psychological or emotional burden on them.