Muani villagers to benefit from pine harvest

January 29, 2024 4:16 pm

[Source: Supplied]

The people of Muani Village in Tavuki, Kadavu, will soon receive their share of over $800,000 following the transfer of their pine harvesting license to Fiji Pine Limited.

The Fiji Pine Limited in collaboration with the coalition government, will partner with Burning Bush Pte Ltd in the harvest of pine, and Genesi Group of Companies for their barge services in transporting pine logs from Kadavu to Lautoka.

The harvest will be overseen by Fiji Pine Trust.

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Fiji Pine Group of Companies Executive Chair Ratu Rakuita Vakalalabure was in Kadavu this week with Minister for Fisheries and Forests Kalaveti Ravu, to oversee the historic trade.

He says the Muani Pine Scheme will realize the returns of approximately $800,000 from the harvest.

Muani Pine Scheme representative, Uate Naua, says they have been waiting for 40 years for the harvest to happen.

He conveyed his gratitude to Hon. Ravu for helping to create the opportunities that will now “transform their lives”.

Ravu says the remarkable achievement was made possible through an agreement with the Fiji Pine Group of Companies to purchase all the pine that will be harvested.

He says the government will ensure that support was given for the transportation of pine logs from maritime islands like Kadavu, adding this was part of “the beginning of a larger programme.