Lautoka residents left waiting

April 17, 2024 12:34 pm

[Source: Lautoka City Council]

The people of Lautoka may have to wait a little longer for the completion of the city’s multimillion-dollar swimming pool project.

This is because the work has been halted as the hunt for a new contractor to complete the work is ongoing.

Minister for Local Government Maciu Nalumisa revealed in Parliament that a contractor will be named soon to resume the work.

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He also admits that he plans to rescope the whole project.

“There will be a change for the scoping of the whole project, so we are going to rescope the project before we finalize the details of the Lautoka swimming pool project.”

Nalumisa has, however, assured that work will resume before the end of the current financial year.

Meanwhile, former Local Government Minister Premila Kumar welcomes any investigation into the project if there are claims of mismanagement.

“If there is wrongdoing, there is mismanagement. I challenged the government. You conduct your investigation, you produce the report, and you file the complaints with FICAC. Just don’t come and say things here; you need to understand the root cause of the problem.”

The cost of the incomplete Lautoka Swimming Pool escalated from the initial budget of $2 million to $12.6 million, but an additional $4.5 million was set aside again by the coalition government for the completion of the works in the current financial year.

Meanwhile, there is no timeframe yet as to when the people of Lautoka will enjoy the facility, which has been in construction for over five years, given that there is no timeframe for its completion.