Smashed bottles left strewn across footpath after thieves hit Parnell liquor store

August 2, 2022 9:35 am

[Source: NZ Herald]

A CCTV camera has captured a three-minute crime spree as ram raiders looted a liquor store in Auckland’s Parnell early this morning.

The footage shows the group drive a vehicle slowly up the front entrance steps before smashing through the doors of the Liquorland in Parnell.

For three minutes the thieves fill bags with alcohol – but end up dropping several bottles on the front steps as they flee the premises.

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The manager of the store, John Trail, said the group took around $5000 of stock.

“[They stole] quite a bit of spirits… and a whole pile of Peanut Slabs,” which Trail couldn’t help but laugh at.

Trail estimated that approximately 30 bottles of spirits were stolen including “quite a lot of Bailey’s, they obviously had a sweet tooth.”

Some of the spirits taken cost $100, he said.