FRU awaits Gollings report

March 2, 2024 12:46 pm

Fiji Airways Men's 7s coach Ben Gollings [File Photo]

Fiji Rugby Union Trustees Chair Peter Mazey has confirmed to FBC Sports they’ll await Fiji Airways Men’s 7s coach Ben Gollings report and response from the Vancouver 7s.

Mazey was questioned on whether they still standby the Englishmen as the trophy drought continues after 18 tournaments with calls for Gollings removal now getting louder.

The FRU Chair also says that General Manager High-Performance BJ Mather is in Los Angeles with the team.

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Despite all the outside noise, coach Gollings is calling on fans to hang on as the team is nearly there.

“We’re very close to what we’re seeing with Argentina, we’re the one team that’ll give them a fight and we know we can beat them as well as other contenders that are showing strength at the moment so actually where we sit is not in a bad position, you know what I’ll let Argentina continue to try and keep their form and we’ll keep pushing hard behind them I know exactly what we’re capable of achieving.”

When asked that Fiji continues to make the same mistakes in most of the 18 tournaments, Gollings says this is sports with continued developments.

“You know we tidied up one area and an area loosened up, the key to us is that we keep all areas consistent at all times and that’s the bit under the pressure we play under with this series there’s not making any excuses, that’ll continue to be the case we’ll keep striving even if we win a tournament.”

Fiji 7s takes on Great Britain in its first match this afternoon at 2:54pm.

Tomorrow, they clash with Canada at 5:30am and France at 10:22am before the men’s cup quarterfinals begin at 3:26pm.

The Fijiana faces Brazil in their opening match at 1:14pm today.

Tomorrow they’ll meet South Africa at 8:26am and New Zealand at 1:24pm.

The semi-finals and final will be held on Monday.

You can watch both the Fiji 7s and Fijiana pool games live on FBC TV plus the quarterfinal and semifinal if Fiji progresses.