We undermined ourselves: Cotter

July 10, 2022 1:07 pm

A disappointed Vodafone Flying Fijians Head Coach, Vern Cotter, says the side’s loss to Australia A yesterday was due to “inaccuracies” and “inconsistencies”.

Cotter believes the Australians took away the advantage Fiji had in the Pacific Nations Cup with an earlier win, when they were handed a 32-18 defeat at Churchill Park in Lautoka.

The New Zealander says it’s disappointing they couldn’t rise to the challenge from Australia.

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He adds if they had stuck to the simple rules, the outcome would’ve been different.

Cotter says he was optimistic they could have won the game with 15 minutes remaining.

“The start of the game reflected the entire game really. We undermined ourselves, we were our own worst enemies. We lost possession, couldn’t take kick-offs, kicked the ball out, couldn’t get out and touch from a penalty earlier on. So inaccurate and inconsistent in what we did.”

The Flying Fijians will need to dig deep before their next game against Samoa, who remain undefeated in the competition.

Yesterday Samoa beat Tonga 34-18.

The Flying Fijians will meet Samoa next week at Churchill Park in Lautoka at 3:30pm while Australia A faces Tonga at 12pm.

You can watch both games LIVE on FBC Sports channel.