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Flying Fijians wary of Samoa

June 3, 2018 4:01 pm

The Fiji Airways Flying Fijians team knows taking Samoa in their first match will be a tough one as they will come out firing this year in the June Tests series.

With experienced players in the squad, Coach John McKee says they still need to work on few areas to maintain its top form.

McKee adds their main focus is to better their ruck area.

“The game now is very critical now around the ruck area and the ability to win quick balls so we’re not only focusing on that we want to focus on being out to execute our skills and the pressure so we can win quick balls and we believe that if we can get ball we can create a lot of opportunity for good finishes out and the really another thing we’re focusing on is good understanding of the law around the ruck area so won’t give them any unnecessary penalties so it’s really important for us to keep our penalties down as well.”

Fiji takes on Samoa in their first test match this Saturday at 3.30pm at Suva’s ANZ Stadium.


Flying Fijians wary of Samoa

July 12, 2017 12:33 am

Vodafone Flying Fijians coach John McKee says they will have to be wary of a fired-up Manu Samoa side on Saturday.

McKee says the Samoan team is going to be difficult to overcome since they are desperate of qualifying to the Rugby World Cup Qualification.

“So we know we’re going to be in for another very tough battle there and it’s going to be difficult to overcome the Samoan team, but I’m confident with the group of players we’ve got and the confidence that we bring from our success throughout the campaign thus far will put us in a good place to be prepared for a top performance weekend."

Both teams have played 50 times with Fiji winning 27 and they have had three draws.

Fiji takes on Samoa at 2pm on Saturday in Apia.