Viria Water Project location safe: WAF

February 20, 2023 12:30 pm

Chief Infrastructure Delivery Officer, Sourav Majumte

The location of the Viria Water Project is carefully thought out by the Water Authority of Fiji considering the threat of climate change.

Chief Infrastructure Delivery Officer, Sourav Majumter says they have intact infrastructure to keep the system safe during flooding.

Majumter says they also have plans in place to keep the consistency of water intake in any weather situation.

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“We have manage to secure the hydrological data from last 100 years to consider in the designed parametres and to have consistency in the flow and to have a secure water intake capacity. So we have install a lot of pump, screens and infrastructure inside of the river bank.”

The project is located upstream of the Viria river where less human activity is undertaken.

The Viria Water Project is the largest WAF project so far and is expected to come online in July.