Tavua couple to be sentenced on Thursday

February 26, 2024 4:50 pm

Laisiasa Rokobici [left] and Ruci Kalokalo

Ruci Kalokalo and Laisiasa Rokobici, the parents of Alanieta Naituva, will finally learn their fates as the Lautoka High Court prepares to sentence the couple.

The grim proceedings follow the conviction of the couple on charges of manslaughter and unlawfully burying their seven-year-old daughter in 2020.

Prosecution lawyer Saini Naibe presented the sentencing submission, urging the court to consider a custodial sentence for the couple.

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Naibe emphasized the negligence exhibited by Kalokalo and Rokobici, citing their failure to seek medical attention for their ailing daughter, Alanieta.

During the trial, it was revealed that the couple either refused or neglected to take appropriate measures to transport their daughter to the hospital, ultimately resulting in her tragic demise.

The prosecution highlighted two aggravating factors: the tender age of the child and the breach of duty by the parents to ensure her well-being.

Throughout the legal proceedings, Kalokalo and Rokobici represented themselves.

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