Taveuni in line for a world first

October 19, 2021 12:20 pm

Site locations for the surf waves [Source: Supplied]

Maqai in Qamea, Taveuni could soon be the location of the world’s first wave engineering project.

Maqai Eco Surf Resort Director Dr Shaw Mead has been working with World Wave Project (WWP) to investigate the potential of shaping existing shallow reefs to create high quality waves for surfing.

Dr Mead told FBC News, the project can improve the marine environment helping Fiji to protect its coastline in vulnerable areas.

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WWP wants to create 3-5 prototype waves and will be using advanced construction techniques utilizing underwater divers, excavators and rock crackling compounds to make modifications to the depth, contours and angle of the reef.

Dr Mead says they are still in the early stages of the project with the Environment Impact Assessment process only beginning and the preliminary surf break design completed.

WWP believes several world-class waves in the region will attract additional investment in new resorts in the area creating employment opportunities for locals.

Dr Mead says with the project they can reinvent surf tourism while promoting Fiji as the world’s preeminent surf destination.

WWP will invest approximately $4million in research and construction of the project.