Tabuya’s comments labeled as ignorant and worrying

June 21, 2022 4:43 pm

Lynda Tabuya [left] and Hasmukh Patel

Energy Fiji Limited is astonished by the inaccuracies in People’s Alliance Party member Lynda Tabuya’s statement which has been seen as ignorant and worrying.

Tabuya on her Facebook Meta account criticized EFL’s services, adding that everyone but consumers is benefitting from poor service delivery.

In response, EFL says Tabuya’s comments are a slap on the face of its staff who work tirelessly to fix infrastructural damage.

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Chief Executive, Hasmukh Patel says for Tabuya to say that EFL did not deserve profits is not only an insult but is also silly, as profits are earned.

Patel says the PA member’s comment that power to households with overdue accounts is disconnected immediately is also misleading.

He clarified that EFL gives 14 days to customers to pay their due upon receipt of their bill, after which a text message is sent as a reminder before a ground team visits the site for disconnection.

He adds that it is unfortunate EFL is being used by politicians to play populist politics without considering the realities on the ground such as the impacts of extreme weather caused by climate change.

The EFL CEO says despite the COVID-19 challenges, they strategized to ensure reliable power for Fijians and that the company survived without raising prices.

He says that members below the management level have received a five percent pay increase.