Students sent home over "Charlie Charlie” game

September 23, 2022 4:00 pm

Ten students of Veiuto Primary School in Suva have been sent home for playing an ouija board-like game called “Charlie Charlie”.

The game, which supposedly summons spirits, was banned in all schools in 2015.

Veiuto Primary School had sent out a memo to parents urging them to be vigilant and to keep a close watch on their children.

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The school had recorded a few incidents over the past week where students allegedly acted as if they were possessed.

Education Minister, Premila Kumar confirmed to FBC News today that students have been sent home for three days.

“Parents will monitor and then they will communicate with the head of the school and then she will take charge of it. Currently, the school is offering counseling services to the students; they are talking to the students, and the church ministers are involved, helping the school to deal with such matters.”

Kumar also confirms that there is a complaint from a neighboring secondary school where students were just imitating that they were playing the game to scare the students.

Apart from this she says there have not been any other reports of students from other schools being involved in “Charlie Charlie”.