Postal operations must diversify in order to survive

November 18, 2022 9:50 am

Postal operations need diversification to tackle competition in this day and age.

This is according to Dr. Anirudha Bansod, Chief Executive Officer of Post Fiji, who attended a Universal Postal Union (UPU) workshop in Nadi yesterday.

Dr. Bansod says the members also present are looking to be more operationally efficient and also begin their e-commerce development.

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He says the business needs to really start thinking outside the box while providing its services.

“We can’t rely on the traditional core products as such and that’s why we have diversified into the groceries, and insurance business we are also looking for non-performing assets of the Post Fiji so that we can capitalize those non-performing assets and convert and getting better revenue.”

Universal Postal Union Coordinator Thakur Sinha says modernizing the postal business is a need for them to survive.

Sinha adds that the pandemic also changed the way they operated and what they demanded from consumers.

Some of the members of the Postal Union include Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, PNG, the Cook Islands, and Vanuatu.