PA and NFP campaign not interactive: Mua

November 24, 2022 5:43 am

A former journalist, Ema Mua, has raised her concerns about the first joint campaign by the People’s Alliance and National Federation Party.

The joint campaign by PA and NFP was held on Tuesday night.

Mua claims that it was not as interactive as it was supposed to be.

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“I wanted to ask the two leaders at AOG and that was really disappointing for me because I thought, during a campaign there was going to be a more interactive session but unfortunately the interactive session was more of photoshoots with people than anyone asking questions to get the truth or the clarity of the manifesto.”

Mua says she and a few others had questions to ask, but this proved futile.

She says the expected interactive campaign was more like photoshoots with people.

Mua says PA and NFP should allow people to pose questions, as they need to know the truth and clarity of the parties’ fundamental policies.