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TC Mona could grow to Category 2

January 3, 2019 3:22 pm
TC Mona FORECAST TRACK MAP [Source: Fiji Meteorological Service]

Tropical Cyclone Mona is predicted to be a category 2 system by the time it gets closer to the Fiji Group.

This is according to the Fiji Metrological Services Senior Weather Forecaster, Amit Singh who says that TC Mona is currently moving in a southward direction at 20km/hr.

Singh says at 10am today, TC Mona was located 120km north east of Rotuma and about 710km north of Nadi.

He says there is also a possibility that TC Mona could be a category 2 system by tomorrow.

“In the next 18 to 30 hours it will take a south west track and after 30 hours it is expected to take a south east track and moving closer to the Fiji group and possibly intensifying into a category 2 cyclone after passing or affecting Rotuma.”

According to Singh, TC Mona is also expected to affect Vanua Levu from Saturday evening into Sunday.

“The main concern is rainfall and we expect a lot of heavy rain over the Fiji group which can cause flooding. In terms of wind the Gale force winds extends to about 200km from the center so the areas which falls in the 200km range will feel the Gale force winds.”

Singh stresses they are closely monitoring TC Mona and its track which could also change at any time.