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MOG hit back at Opposition Political Parties claims

November 17, 2018 6:19 pm

The Multinational Observer Group has hit back at statements made by four political parties last night that the observers left the country and have not seen through the elections to the very end.

The four political parties included the Fiji Labour Party, Social Democratic Liberal Party, Unity Fiji and the National Federation Party whom held a press conference last night to express their concerns with various aspects of the General Election.

FLP Leader, Mahendra Chaudhry accused the international observers of leaving with their mission incomplete.

“The observer mission which was here, they left before the elections concluded, they gave their interim report Thursday night I believe, they wrote it Thursday night, they gave it on Friday, and they left the country. The Elections did not conclude until this afternoon at 6pm. They are not here to observe the process, they were not here to see whether the elections were conducted right to the end in accordance with the law.”

Speaking outside the National Results and Count Centre in Laucala Bay, Suva last night, MOG Co-Chair Jane Prentice clarified that their team of observers remain in Fiji.

“All members of MOG, we take our role very seriously, that’s why you can see we’ve been out today observing the election for the areas that were suspended on Wednesday. I personally went out looking at the voting and I’ve been here tonight. We’ll continue our role of observing the counting, the valuation and the tabulation as we make sure we do our job, we’re committed to doing our job properly. And I have met with the Opposition parties on two occasions and all the observations that were undertaking, we will reflect in our final report.”

She adds, the MOG will continue their observation of the Fijian Election until the final results are released and a new government is announced.