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Marking World Press Freedom Day

May 2, 2018 8:15 pm

The Fijian Media Association is marking World Press Freedom Day by switching the roles of journalists and having them tell their stories.

FMA General Secretary, Stanley Simpson says journalists have worked so hard and endured many challenges over the past year which deserves recognition.

Simpson says journalists have admirably covered and brought to people’s homes stories of social justice, of the environment, of suffering and overcoming natural disasters such as floods and cyclones and held leader to account for their policies and actions.

He added they have touched on emotional tragedies such as the plane crash in Labasa and the nation’s victories at the Commonwealth Games and our wins on the IRB 7s series.

Simpson says while journalists tell other people’s stories, they rarely get the opportunity to tell their own and today’s events will celebrate journalists by getting them to tell their stories.

The FMA in conjunction with the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) is organising an Editors Forum on Crisis Reporting today to mark the day.

CCF chief executive officer Bulutani Mataitawakilai said they acknowledged the immense power journalists had in informing and shaping public opinion.

He adds that CCF has partnered with the FMA to organise the Editors Forum on Crisis Reporting because they believe the voices of our journalists deserve a space where they are able provide their expert insight into the issues they face.

Simpson added that the intention today is to celebrate journalism and media freedom with the hope that the people of Fiji recognise and applaud the work of journalists over the past year.