Land issues delay Nabavatu relocation

May 12, 2022 6:20 am

Nabavatu Village. [File Photo]

Land issues is delaying the permanent relocation of Nabavatu Villagers in Dreketi, Macuata.

Minister for Rural Development, Inia Seruiratu says the biggest issue in Nabavatu is that they do not have land on which they can relocate.

Seruiratu says the only option that is available for them is state land, but it also has its conditions and it is taking time.

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He says government has set aside money for the preparatory work for the relocation but it cannot be accessed unless the land issue is resolved.

“We are still having discussions with the Ministries responsible particularly the Ministry of Lands and of course Town and Country planning as well. Once the conditions are met, the rest of the work can progress.”

It’s now over a year since villagers of Nabavatu have been temporarily relocated to the Savadrua AOG Church compound in Dreketi, living in tents.

They had to be temporarily relocated after the torrential rain brought by TC Ana in 2021 caused land cracks across the village and it was deemed unsafe by the Mineral Resources Department.