Initiative to promote sustainable practices

March 22, 2024 2:52 pm

[Source: The Guardian]

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission has received complaints concerning the misuse of ‘Halal’ certifications by certain businesses for marketing purposes.

In collaboration with the Fiji Muslim League, FCCC has announced the launch of a joint initiative during Ramadan.

The focus is on promoting sustainable practices and enhancing consumer awareness in alignment with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.

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Throughout the fasting month, FCCC and the Fiji Muslim League will issue regular messages advocating actions such as reducing food waste, conserving energy and water, shopping ethically, embracing environmentally friendly practices and educating others on the significance of sustainability.

In response to these complaints, FCCC CEO Joel Abraham has stated the Commission’s intention to work closely with the Fiji Muslim League to address concerns.

Abraham emphasized the importance of respecting the religious needs and rights of all Fijians, stressing fair treatment and accurate representation of products meeting religious requirements.

Products marketed as “Halal/حالل” must adhere to correct standards and not mislead consumers for commercial gain.

The Fiji Muslim League highlighted the significance of utilizing Ramadan to showcase dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices, alongside spiritual reflection and devotion during the holy month.

The aim is to spark a ripple effect of positive transformation extending well beyond Ramadan, advocating for sustainability and responsible consumption year-round.