France aims to enhance support to protect EEZ

December 5, 2023 4:33 pm

France has shown willingness to partner with Fiji to protect our Economic Exclusive Zone.

The French Navy’s Swiss Army Knife vessel made a port call in Suva today, hoping for enhanced engagement to tackle pressing challenges such as illegal, unregulated fishing and drug trafficking.

Lieutenant Commander Antoine Petetin highlighted the urgency of having partnerships.

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The French Navy reveals encountering specific fishing vessels upon entering Fiji’s waters expressing their willingness to extend assistance in safeguarding Fiji’s EEZ, they stand ready to contribute to security efforts.

“If we want to have a common action against traffickers, if we have good cooperation, and if we train and check that we are able to work together, then we will be ready to conduct operations together without any doubt about our procedures.”

The Commander adds during their time in Fiji they will also conduct training with personnel from the Fiji Navy.

The ship is in the country for four days and will depart on Friday.

During their stay, they will also engage with their counterparts for opportunities to further strengthen their bilateral ties.