Fijian Election

I earned leadership positions: Narube

November 27, 2022 8:30 am

Unity Fiji Party Leader Savenaca Narube.

Unity Fiji Party Leader Savenaca Narube says whatever he achieved was not through the use of guns and coups.

While campaigning in Namoli village in Lautoka yesterday, Narube says he earned all the positions he took up since he began work as a civil servant.

Narube says he is a former governor of the Reserve Bank and former Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary in which he worked hard to earn these positions.

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“I went to work in America under the World Bank, I lead a number of prominent councils including FNPF, the FRCS Fintel, and other major Institutions. I had all these through hard work. I did not use the power of guns to get to these positions. No. We have leaders that use the power of guns to get to leadership positions, they don’t deserve it. They are supposed to be serving their sentence behind bars right now. So now we have the power to choose who leads.”

Narube is urging Fijians to vote wisely this time around.

The party leader says Fijians now have the power to do the right thing and vote for what’s best for them and their families.