Guideline to be developed for prefect selection: Kumar

May 22, 2022 12:20 pm

[Source: Premila Kumar/ Twitter]

The Ministry of Education is planning to develop a guideline to assist in the selection of prefects in schools.

Education Minister Premila Kumar says with perfect induction underway in schools, a number of parents have questioned how prefects were chosen.

She says the Ministry never involved itself at this level as it is for the school to decide.

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[Source: Premila Kumar/ Twitter]

However, she says the Ministry is now being questioned about this.

“Because the question is coming to us we are thinking of preparing a guideline to help in the selection of prefects and the disclosure to maintain transparency, conflict of interest must be disclosed.”

[Source: Premila Kumar/ Twitter]

She says they will come up with a policy at a later stage.

The Education Minister highlighted this during a talanoa session with the Suva Principals Association on Friday.