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Devi gets life imprisonment for murder

June 21, 2018 1:02 am

Marianne Premila Devi has been sentenced to life imprisonment after being convicted of murder.

She will serve a minimum term of seventeen years before a presidential pardon can be considered.

The forty-one-year old on November 17th in 2016, with intent to cause the death of her de-facto partner, Bal Krishna Naidu, poured kerosene on him and set him on fire at their home in Sakoca, Suva.

The incident occurred after a heated argument erupted between the two regarding their taxi’s broken windscreen.

Devi had given Naidu $150 to repair the windscreen, however, he used that money to buy alcohol.

Sentencing Devi, Judge Justice Salesi Temo, says there were other no-violent ways in which she could have dealt with the issue.

Justice Temo says Devi must not complain about the liability of her freedom being taken away.

It was also revealed in the cause of the trial that Naidu and Devi were in a de-facto relationship for eight years which often became volatile.

Justice Temo says Naidu choose to spend his life with Devi because he was in love with her and they had a child together.

The Judge adds the demands of life put a strain on their relationship resulting in Naidu opting to often drink alcohol and the two fought a lot.

Naidu sustained eighty percent burns and died as a result of Devi’s action.

Justice Temo says there is only one sentence for murder which is life imprisonment.

Devi has 30 days to appeal