ANZAC Day special for Fiji as well

April 25, 2022 4:25 pm

[Source: Twitter]

ANZAC day is also significant for Fiji, as our military personnel are well known for their heroic peacekeeping missions.

Australian High Commissioner to Fiji, John Feakes while speaking at the Dawn Service at the Suva Military Cemetery highlighted that Fijians have stamped their mark internationally.

Feakes says Fijians who served with the Commonwealth Forces during World War II and subsequently in peacekeeping operations are remembered on this day.

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“It’s particularly important to do so in Fiji because of Fiji’s long record of service and sacrifice in the course of international peace over many many decades in faraway lands where many other countries have not wanted to serve but the Republic of Fiji Military Forces have always stepped forward when duty called.”

Today’s event was extra special for the Australian High Commissioner, as his term in Fiji is nearing completion.

“Well, this will be my final ANZAC Day but I’ve got several months to go, so I am not going to get sad quite yet.”

Dawn services were held at various locations in Fiji and around the world.