Container prices hit sky-high

May 10, 2022 1:00 pm

Aerial shot of the Suva Port. [File Photo]

The continuous increase in the price of freight has had a massive impact on companies in Fiji, and this has seen a continuous price increase for imported goods.

FBC News has gathered that a 20-foot container from the United States pre-COVID stood at over $5500.

However, since the start of the pandemic, it has cost over $9600 per container.

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A 40-foot container now costs just over $16,000, up from the previous rate of just around $11,900.

The cost of Australian shipments has also jumped, and a 20-foot was at $3300 but is now costing over $5150.

A 40-foot container which was once around $4700 but is now almost $11,000.

Bringing in a 20-foot container from New Zealand pre-pandemic was $1332 but has in the past two years shot up to over $2700.

Supermarkets and other retailers who bring in goods from abroad say they are hoping for prices to decline but are holding their breath about it, knowing the crisis in Europe will be key.

There is also a fear of the resurgence of COVID around the world, which could have a massive impact on the already high freight prices.