Super Rugby Pacific

Drua sets sights for tomorrow’s clash

May 31, 2024 4:45 pm

[Source: Fijian Drua/ Facebook]

There has been a lot of internal motivation within the Swire Shipping Fijian Drua side as they gear up for their must-win match against the Melbourne Rebels tomorrow.

Head coach Mick Byrne emphasizes that the team’s necessity to win this week to remain competitive is their main motivating factor.

“Just the fact that it’s a game to stay alive in the competition and we don’t need a lot of external motivation for that as we have a lot internally motivating factors for the team this week”.

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[Source: Fijian Drua/ Facebook]

He also mentions that the players are focused and hope they deliver tomorrow.

The Drua will face the Melbourne Rebels at 2:05 pm on Saturday at Churchill Park.

You can watch it LIVE on FBC Sports.