Stadium track upgrade nears completion

December 10, 2023 12:23 pm

The two-million-dollar upgrade of the HFC Bank Stadium tracks is expected to be completed by next month.

This has been confirmed by Sphynx Solutions, the Australian-based engineering company that is contracted for the project.

Sphynx Solutions founder and Technical Lead Peter King says despite being delayed by rainy weather and soccer tournaments, the project is still on track.

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“We’re up to schedule, even though we had one week for IDC and four days down for BOG, the site was closed for us but apart from that we are ahead of schedule.”

King says a new water retention system is being used to maintain the track’s optimal condition, once completed.

“This first layer is the base mat and then we will be putting a coat of waterproof and then it will take a week to cure then the second coat goes on and another week to cure and then we will put the top rubber on.”

King adds that the black asphalt that is being laid as the track’s foundation is made from recycled tire, a tribute to the company’s endeavour to reduce pollution.

Following the installation of the new tracks, internationally accredited lane markers from London will be brought in to delineate the lanes.

The project is scheduled to be handed back to the Fiji Sports Council by January 26th.