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Tuivuaka set for World 7s Series return

January 10, 2020 12:51 pm
Asaeli Tuivuaka [middle] during the Fiji 7s team training at Uprising Resort in Pacific Harbour. [Source: Fiji Rugby]

Asaeli Tuivuaka may return to the World Rugby Sevens Series for Fiji in Hamilton.

He is part of the 16 member extended squad currently in camp at Uprising Resort in Pacific Harbour.

With Kalione Nasoko and Paula Dranisinukula who are in the 16 men squad not available for the next leg, this means Tuivuaka is expected to be named in the final 14 men side.

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Tuivuaka was one of the new stars of last season and was given the nickname ‘The Tank’ by World Series commentator Sean Maloney because of his aggressiveness and ruthlessness.

But Fiji 7s Head Coach Gareth Baber says Tuivuaka will have to be cool-headed at times.

Baber adds the former national under 20 winger will need to make wise decisions on the field.

‘You know he’s a strong player, he likes the physical confrontation with the ball or without the ball. What we needed to do with him is get him to understand that he needs to control that and he needs to channel it to when he is a good position to play and no swinging arms, no looking at finishing off people after a tackle, no hitting anybody late. Let’s be honest about how we play the game but tough enough to play the game the way we are, we are good enough to play the game the way we are and don’t give opposition piggybacks’.

Tuivuaka, who is the younger brother of former Fiji 7s rep Abele Yalayalatabua made his debut at the USA 7s last year and immediately stamped his mark in the World Series with his physicality.

The 23-year-old is also the nephew of former Fiji 7s skipper Setefano Cakau.

Other players who are expected to make the cut for the next leg include Suliano Volivoli, Livai Ikanikoda and 20-year-old Kaminieli Rasaku.

Fiji will play Samoa, Australia and Argentina in pool play at the Hamilton 7s which will be held on the 25th and 26th of this month.

M110:57AMIreland21 - 26CanadaPool C
M211:19AMFrance21 - 17SpainPool C
M311:41AMKenya19 - 24EnglandPool B
M412:03PMSouth Africa31 - 5JapanPool B
M512:25PMArgentina7 - 38AustraliaPool D
M612:47PMFiji19 - 12SamoaPool D
M701:09PMScotland7 - 24USAPool A
M801:31PMNew Zealand42 - 0WalesPool A
M904:24PMIreland28 - 17SpainPool C
M1004:46PMFrance12 - 12CanadaPool C
M1105:08PMKenya12 - 12JapanPool B
M1205:30PMSouth Africa19 - 21EnglandPool B
M1306:05PMArgentina40 - 0SamoaPool D
M1406:35PMFiji19 - 12AustraliaPool D
M1507:05PMScotland24 - 19WalesPool A
M1607:33PMNew Zealand26 - 5USAPool A
SUNDAY26 January
M1710:07AMCanada21 - 14SpainPool C
M1810:29AMFrance17 - 7IrelandPool C
M1910:51AMEngland26 - 7JapanPool B
M2011:13AMSouth Africa7 - 24KenyaPool B
M2111:35AMAustralia33 - 19SamoaPool D
M2211:57AMFiji10 - 26ArgentinaPool D
M2312:19PMUSA42 - 0WalesPool A
M2412:41PMNew Zealand38 - 12ScotlandPool A
M253:20PMEngland5 - 10FranceCup Semifinal
M263:42PMNew Zealand17 - 14AustraliaCup Semifinal
M2704:10PMSamoa21 - 7Wales15th Place Play-off
M284:32PMJapan10 - 12Spain13th Place Play-off
M294:54PMIreland19 - 24Scotland11th Place Play-off
M305:16PMFiji12 - 5South Africa9th Place Play-off
M315:38PMArgentina19 - 17Kenya7th Place Play-off
M326:00PMCanada28 - 7USA5th Place Play-off
M336:59PMEngland21 - 33AustraliaBronze Final
M347:56AMFrance5 - 27New ZealandCup Final

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