Rugby League

Players to fall back on certificate: Naiqama

January 11, 2024 12:37 pm

The Fiji Airways Kaiviti Silktails team in collaboration with the Lautoka Council, local Church groups, and a medical centre for their community outreach program.

This forms a portion of their community involvement, where they allocate 20 hours a week for players to pursue certification.

Following their training sessions, the team divides into three groups: one engages with the community, another conducts clean-up activities at the local gym they are affiliated with, and the third group concentrates on enhancing their centre of excellence space.

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Coach Wes Naiqama says this has been part of their study, work and play model for the past two years.

“It’s a really important part of our program, preparing these guys for life after Football as well. Not only as a good footballer – so it was a lot of work for us these last couple of years, once they come out of our program and if nothing comes of it and they don’t progress on to secure a contract at least you know they’ve got some couple of certificates behind them.”

The former Fiji Bati captain also notes that players who complete this program receive a Certificate IV in Youth Work, giving them an alternative if their football careers with the team don’t progress as expected.

There are also upcoming plans to enrol a new set of players with the goal of obtaining a Certificate IV in Fitness.