PGC to assist member countries for Pacific Mini Games

October 3, 2021 8:35 am

[File Photo]

The Pacific Games Council will be assisting 24 member countries as they prepare for the Mini Games.

In light of the current pandemic and financial constraints faced by governments battling the virus, most will struggle to send athletes to Saipan next year.

Council President, Vidya Lakhan says they aim to lighten the burden on countries participating next year.

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“We are taking into consideration COVID has had on government’s ability to find resources to fight COVID let alone finding money to send to their national teams.”

Lakhan says the money will be given to respective Olympic committees who can then decide where to channel the funds.

“That would somehow I hope to lessen the burden on respective governments or teams and of course the national Olympic committees they’ll all help, so that will help send their teams to the games so that would be a way of assisting member PGA’s.”

Fiji will have to send a reduced team to the 2022 Pacific Mini Games.