Pacific Games

Athletics for Reddy

November 29, 2023 6:26 am

Korovuto College student Vishant Reddy is setting his sights on the next Pacific Games in Tahiti in 2027.

Reddy slashed his season’s best time in the 800 meters in the Solomon Islands.

He first ran his heat in a personal best time of 1:53.77 seconds.

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However, in the final, he managed to bring his time down further to 1:51.80 seconds and win a bronze medal.

Reddy says he’ll have to make more sacrifices now to achieve his next goal.

“I’ll train harder, I’ll sacrifice more time, I’ll have to devote more time in athletics now and also in another sport, you know I’m a soccer lover but I’ll juggle both and let’s see, hope for a gold in the next Games.”

Reddy sat for his year 13 exam before coming to the Games and says his teachers at Korovuto College have been assisting him.

“Like in the morning before my classes start I go for a training session and midday my principal will call me from the class and give me recess and lunch hour to train again on the field. They always mark the track for me and that’s a big thing for me.”

He dedicated his medal to his coach and teacher Nilesh Ram, his grandfather Subramani Goundar and grandmother Pushpa Wati.

Reddy will be running again for Team Fiji in the 4×400 meters relay.