Underdog tag for Babasiga Lioness

March 18, 2024 4:28 pm

Vanisha Kumar was named the player of the match [Source: OFC Media via Phototek]

The Labasa Women’s Football side is over the moon as they qualified for their first-ever OFC Women’s Champions League semi-final yesterday.

Midfielder Vanisha Kumar asserts that it was an emotional yet unbelievable moment for them to reach this far in the competition.

She says that they weren’t sure if they would even make it to the knockout stages.

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“We are ecstatic, I think we came in like an underdogs we did not do very well last year and so I think the expectations were quite low for us so I think the team is quite happy that we are progressing in the competition.”

Kumar says that they came into the competition more prepared than they did last year.

She adds that their fitness is high and that they are hoping to make it to the final dance.

The Labasa Women’s side is set to face Hekari United this Wednesday at 12 pm.