Tailevu Naitasiri kicks off Fiji Fact on a high

May 22, 2022 1:14 pm

Tailevu Naitasiri players celebrate after Epeli Valevou scored the first goal against Nasinu

Security Systems Management Tailevu Naitasiri had a brilliant start to their Digicel Fiji FACT campaign beating Nasinu 2-1 at ANZ Stadium today.

Tailevu Naitasiri had the first say with a Epeli Valevou header in the 4th minute.

A free-kick was awarded to Tailevu Naitasiri that saw Mohammed Naizal kick the ball to the centre of the goalmouth.

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Miscommunication from the Nasinu players, gave way to Valevou to put Tailevu Naitasiri in the lead.

The Tailevu Naitasiri goal scorers: Epeli Valevou [left] with Abhishek Deo

The tempo of the game slowly picked up and so did the intensity.

Nasinu player Vilikesa Sowani copped a yellow card early in the game, after another stern warning from referee Veer Singh, coach Shivam Nathan opted to pull him out and bring in Alvish Ram.

Another free-kick to Tailevu Naitasiri saw Naizal, applying the same tactic as the first goal, but he couldn’t get past the gloves of Viliame Rakuro.

Nasinu’s Taniela Rakariva had a chance at goal but was fouled near the goalmouth.

Halftime: Tailevu Naitasiri 1-0 Nasinu

A foul to Tailevu Naitaisiri gave Nasinu the chance to get back into the game.

Nasinu’s Semi Tabaiwalu had the opportunity to deliver the free kick from outside the box.

The kick landed in the direction of skipper Nasoni Mereke standing near the goal mouth, who headed home the equalizer.


While Nasinu slowly found their rhythm in the game, Tailevu Naitasiri lost theirs.

It was not long before Nasinu was awarded another free kick to Jasnit Vikash, but this time Tailevu Naitasiri goalie Jason Rokovucake managed to stop it.

Tailevu Naitasiri’s Abhishek Deo slotted in the much-needed winner in the dying minutes of play to give them the win.

From bench warmer for his former team to scoring the winning goal Deo says it is still all surreal.

“I was benching in Labasa and Rewa, it was quite a hard journey for me to join Naitasiri. And I am really grateful for them for giving me the chance to prove myself.”

Tailevu Naitasiri Priyant Manu says the win is exactly what the team needed to lift morale.

“It is a really good start for the boys and the team and it is a good moment for us winning the first game, the morale is up there and not we look forward to the second game in Lawaqa with Nadroga.”

Not the outcome Nasinu had expected, and the Giant Killers now look at ironing out a few key areas.

“Main thing is the midfield and also the strikers too.”

Tailevu Naitasiri will face Nadroga next while Nasinu faces Suva.

Day 1 ANZ Stadium
22 May - Sunday11:00AMTailevu Naitasiri2 - 1NasinuGroup B
22 May - Sunday1:00PMNadi4 - 2NavuaGroup A
22 May - Sunday3:00PMBa0 - 1SuvaGroup B
22 May - Sunday5:00PMRewa1 - 2LabasaGroup A
Day 2 Lawaqa Park
26 May - Thursday1:00PMRewa1 - 1NavuaGroup A
26 May - Thursday3:00PMSuva3 - 0NasinuGroup B
26 May - Thursday5:00PMNadroga1 - 1Tailevu/NaitasiriGroup B
26 May - Thursday7:00PMNadi1 - 2LautokaGroup A
Day 3Lawaqa Park
27 May - Friday12:00PMSuva1 - 0Tailevu/NaitrasiriGroup B
27 May - Friday2:00PMLabasa1 - 2LautokaGroup A
27 May - Friday4:00PMNadi2 - 2RewaGroup A
27 May - Friday6:30PMNadroga1 - 1BaGroup B
DAY 4 Lawaqa Park
28 May - Saturday2:00PMNavua1 - 2LabasaGroup A
28 May - Saturday4:00PMBa2 - 1Tailevu/NaitasiriGroup B
28 May - Saturday6:00PMNadroga2 - 0NasinuGroup B
28 May - Saturday8:00PMLautoka1 - 0RewaGroup A
DAY 5 Lawaqa Park
29 May - Sunday2:00MBa6 - 1NasinuGroup B
29 May - Sunday4:00PMLautoka-NavuaGroup A
29 May - Sunday6:00PMNadroga-SuvaGroup B
29 May - Sunday8:00PMNadi-LabasaGroup A
04 Jun - Saturday2:30PMWinner [GA]-Runner-Up [GB]Semifinal 1
04 Jun - Saturday1:00PMWinner [GB]-Runner-Up [GA]Semifinal 2
05 Jun - Sunday3pmWinner SF1-Winner SF2FINAL