Labasa coach hints departure

June 11, 2024 12:42 pm

Extra Labasa coach Ravneel Pratap

Extra Labasa coach Ravneel Pratap has hinted that the Digicel Pacific Fiji FACT tournament that concluded at Subrail Park over the weekend may be his last tournament with the team.

This as Pratap has plans to go for greener pastures later this year.

He made the revelation after the team’s 1-0 semi-final loss to champions Flick Lautoka on Saturday.

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Pratap says there’s no feeling that can compare to not getting what you worked hard for but is hopeful for a better future for the team.

“I’m supposed to go for greener pastures later this year so of course I will be sticking to the team and I will be with them for the time that I’m here and when the time comes, I will let everyone know.”

He adds that he will make an official announcement of his departure in due course.

Pratap says he was really let down with the loss as he was hoping to depart from the team on a high note.

He also relays his apologies to the Labasa fans for not being able to deliver.